Affidavit of single status


In order to get married in Vietnam, Vietnamese laws require that the U.S. citizen or permanent resident must have an affidavit of single status. This affidavit must be legalized by the Vietnamese consulate or embassy and include all necessary documents required by the local regulations in Vietnam. Please note that each municipal or provincial authority in Vietnam has different requirements in the affidavit of single status, procedures, and waiting time frames.

Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of these special requirements to prepare your paperwork and plan your trip to Vietnam accordingly.

Our office can help you obtain all the necessary documents to complete this affidavit of single status. In addition, we will make sure that the affidavit complies with all the specific and special requirements by each specific municipal and provincial authority.

We will make sure that the time schedule of your trip will fit with the interview appointment and the waiting period required by each different municipal and provincial authority.

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