Naturalization / Citizenship


Lawful Permanent residents (“green card” holder) with valid green card for a period of the past 5 years can file for US citizenship. If married to an US citizen you may apply for US citizenship after 3 years with valid green card. There are exceptions, if an applicant has served in the United States armed forces during war, that individual may obtain citizenship without first becoming a permanent resident if they were in the United States upon enlistment into the U.S. military. To be become a citizen, you must file A U.S. Citizenship Application along with photos and supporting documents.

Our office can assist you to complete the application package with supporting documents. We will follow up with USCIS to make sure your petition is approved within the USCIS processing timeframe. If USCIS requests for additional evidence or documents, we can also help you prepare a complete package to respond to their request. We will also help you get ready for the naturalization interview with USCIS.

Time required:
The waiting time required for the application for citizenship to be approved varies. However, it usually takes from 5-7 months.

Documents required:
• Copy of your green card
• Copy of evidence of cohabitation (if filing based on marriage to U.S citizen spouse)
• Two passport photos (2X2)



A medical waiver is available to the applicant who has an anatomical, physiological, or psychological impairment, diagnosed by a medical professional, that makes it impossible for the applicant to learn English and/or American history and the political structure. The standard for the medical waiver eligibility is quite high and it requires careful preparation of the documentation submitted with the waiver application. The waiver application (Form N-648) is filed concurrently with the Application for Naturalization (Form N-400). Once the USCIS receives both applications, a thorough review of the waiver application will be conducted and the applicant may be asked for additional data, if the information already provided is found to be insufficient.


You Are Exempt From The English Language Requirement but are still required to take the Civics Test If you Are:

• Age 50 or older at the time of filing for naturalization and have lived as a permanent resident (green card holder) in the United States for 20 years (commonly referred to as the “50/20” exception).


• Age 55 or older at the time of filing for naturalization and have lived as a permanent resident in the United States for 15 years (commonly referred to as the “55/15”.

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