Petition for siblings

A U.S. citizen may petition for brothers and sisters. The petition is subject to waiting time as required in preference 4. After the petition has been approved, it will be sent to National Visa Center for further processing before your brothers or sisters are interviewed by the U.S. consulate or embassy where they reside

Our office will assist you to complete the petition package and to ensure it is as complete as required by USCIS. We will follow up with USCIS to make sure it is approved within the USCIS processing timeframe. If USCIS requests for additional evidence or documents, we will also help you prepare a complete package to respond to their request. In addition, our office in Vietnam will obtain all necessary documents from your brothers/sisters to complete the petition in the fastest manner.

Time required:
The waiting time required for the immigrant visa petition to be approved varies depending the workload at USCIS.

Documents required:
• Copy of your passport, naturalization certificate or U.S. birth certificate
• Copy of petitioner’s birth certificate
• Copy of beneficiary’s birth certificate
• Copy of the petitioner’s certificate of name change (if have)


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