Petition for spouse (GREEN CARD)

Permanents residents must go through the same process of U.S. citizens to get married in Vietnam before petitioning for their spouse. After getting the marriage certificate, the permanent resident may file petition for spouse with USCIS. However, the petition is classified as preference F2A which is subject to waiting time as in the visa bulletin. Please check the visa bulletin monthly to learn more about the approximate waiting time for your petition.

Our office will assist you to complete the petition package and to ensure it is as complete as required by USCIS. We will follow up with USCIS to make sure it is approved within the USCIS processing timeframe. If USCIS requests for additional evidence or documents, we will also help you prepare a complete package to respond to their request. In addition, our office in Vietnam will obtain all necessary documents or signature from your spouse to complete the petition in the fastest manner.

Time required:
The waiting time required for the immigrant visa petition to be approved depends on each period. However, it usually takes from 5-7 months. Please note that even after the petition is approved, your petition is still subject to preference F2A waiting time.

Documents required:
• Copy of green card
• Copy of marriage certificate
•Copy of divorce judgment or death certificate of your ex-spouse (if have)
• Two passport photos (2X2)


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