Petition for spouse

1. Affidavit of single status.

In order to get married in Vietnam, Vietnamese laws require that the U.S. Citizen or permanent resident must have an affidavit of single status. This affidavit must be authenticated by the state and legalized by the Vietnamese consulate or embassy and include all necessary documents required by the local regulations in Vietnam. Please note that each municipal or provincial authority in Vietnam has different requirements in the affidavit of single status, procedures, and waiting time. Therefore, it is essential that you are aware of these special requirements to prepare your paperwork and plan your trip to Vietnam accordingly.

Our office can help you obtain all the necessary documents to complete this affidavit of single status that complies with all the specific and special requirements by each specific municipal and provincial authority. We will make sure that the time schedule of your trip fits with the interview appointment and the waiting period required by each different municipal and provincial authority.

Legalization and certification of divorce documents.

If you have been divorced outside of Vietnam, you must get a certified copy of the divorce judgment that is legalized by the Vietnamese consulate or embassy before they can be used in Vietnam.

Documents required:
• Copy of permanent resident card or passport
• Certified copy of your divorce decree or death certificate
• One passport photo (for out of State clients)

Time required:
It normally takes 2-3 weeks to obtain and complete the affidavit of single status. The waiting timeframe to apply, be interviewed and to obtain the marriage certificate in Vietnam is around 30 days. However, it varies depending on each city or province. Please check with our office before planning your trip to Vietnam to get married.

2. Getting married in Vietnam

Once you have the affidavit of single status, we will mail it to Vietnam before you arrive in Vietnam or give it to you before you leave for Vietnam. You must submit all necessary documents to the local government with your application for marriage certificate. You and your spouse must go through an interview with the local government and wait a certain period of time before they will issue a marriage certificate for you. You and your spouse must be present to sign the marriage certificate at the time of issuance. If you have been divorced outside of Vietnam, you must first apply to have the divorce certified in Vietnam before you can start the application process to get your marriage certificate. This process normally takes 3 weeks to complete.

First Consulting group in Vietnam may help you with the divorce certification process as well as the application process for marriage certificate. We will plan your time schedule to fit with your required process to get married in Vietnam. I will prepare you and your spouse for the interview with the local government.

Documents required:
• The affidavit of single status from the U.S.
• All evidence of communication between your and your spouse.

Time required:
If you need to go through the divorce certification process, you should send the legalized divorce judgment to the spouse at least 1 month before their arrival in Vietnam .The normal time required to get married in Vietnam is 30 days. However, the time frame will vary depending on each city and province. Please be sure to check with us in advance to schedule your trip accordingly.

3. Petition with USCIS

After you and your spouse have been issued a marriage certificate, you may now file an immigrant visa petition for your spouse with USCIS. After the petition has been approved, it will be sent to National Visa Center for further processing before your will be interviewed by the U.S. Consulate in Vietnam.

We can prepare your petition package to insure it is as complete as required by USCIS. We will follow up with USCIS to make sure it is approved within the USCIS processing timeframe. If USCIS requests for additional evidence or documents, we will also help you prepare a complete package to respond to their request. In addition, our office in Vietnam will obtain all necessary documents or signature from your spouse to complete the petition in the fastest manner.

Time required:
The waiting time required for the immigrant visa petition to be approved depends on each periods. However, it usually takes from 4-6 months.

Documents required:
• Copy of your passport, naturalization certificate or U.S. birth certificate
• Copy of marriage certificate
• Copy of divorce judgment or death certificate of your ex-spouse (if any)
• Two passport photos


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