Visitor, Business Visa (B2 / B1)

The “visitor” visa is a nonimmigrant visa for person desiring to enter the United States temporarily for business (B-1), for pleasure or medical treatment (B-2) or combination of both (B-1/B-2) purposes.

Qualifying for a Visitor Visa

There are specific requirements which must be met by applicants to qualify for a visitor visa under provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The consular officer at the embassy or consulate will determine whether you qualify for the visa.

The presumption in the law is that every visitor visa applicant is an intending immigrant. Therefore, applicants for visitor visas must overcome this presumption by demonstrating that:

The purpose of their trip is to enter the U.S. for business, pleasure or medical treatment;
• That they plan to remain for a specific, limited period;
• Evidence of funds to cover expenses in the United States;
• Evidence of compelling social and economic ties abroad; and:
• That they have a residence outside the U.S. as well as other binding ties that will ensure their return abroad atthe end of the visit.

Our office can help prepare invitation letter and affidavit of support for the relative in the U.S. Our office in Vietnam can help with making appointment for interview and preparing applicants for visa interview with proper documentation and forms.

Time required:
The process to invite and sponsor a person to come to visit takes about 1 month to process.

• Copy of the most recent income tax return
• Copy of 2 most recent paystubs or business license (if self-employed)
• Copy of your naturalization certificate, green card, passport, or U.S. birth certificate


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